Brighid’s Workshop


workshopMy name is Brighid and this is my workshop!  I make things, break things, and fix things, in my 600 sq. ft workshop in Bennington, VT. Every project is unique and every project is an experiment. I use reclaimed lumber, scrap wood and found objects for most of my work.  I am a self taught wood worker and what I lack in experience I make up for with creativity and a desire to see a task through.  I do a lot of projects and I enjoy a challenge. This year I am challenging myself to make a peace sign every day for a year.  365 days of peace is a way to transform apathy and anger into compassion and action.  Some of the peace signs are available for sale, Contact me if you see one you like. I like experimenting with texture and materisls. I have some experience restoring furniture and I also re-purpose broken and damaged pieces.

IMG_0307I am a musician and I participate in something called February Album Writing Month every year under the name sam sorrow. It’s a lot of fun. One day I hope to combine my love of music and woodworking and make a guitar. I already make a few guitar shaped pieces, tables, clocks etc. .  .

Most of my tables are made from scrap materials, old barn boards  old cutting boards, broken wooden ladders, old shutters, wood people give me, and  wood I find in the woods or on the river bank.  I also scour thrift stores and tag sales for broken pieces that can be used for a project, restored, or re purposed. To see what I am working on now visit my current projects page, or check cabout my facebook page. If you are interested in any of my pieces feel free to contact me at or you can visit my etsy store. I can do custom work, turn around time is about 6 weeks, but can vary from project to project. Give me a call and we can discuss your project, budget and timeline.  I can also help you restore a piece of furniture. Some furniture shouldn’t be messed with, but most pieces will benefit from a little tlc.  And finally, I am always looking for  scrap materials, so if you have some left over wood that you don’t know what to do with,  let me know and I might be able to use it.