Moving Right Along

It’s been a busy week. Delivered a breakfront to schenectady NY. Took the Annie Sloan Just Paint workshop at work. It was fun and I learned a lot. I now know how to remove those random bristles that get on furniture while applying stain, paint or finish. . It’s always been a huge frustration and Gail shared the answer.   coatrackI have started making coathangers, hook/racks out of random pieces of wood and drawer pulls.  They are interesting and I would like to get some architectural hardware to use.  I picked up a pair of busted half sized cue sticks on Wednesday. Jess and I went to goodwill and there they were for 49 cents each. I fond a broken cue at work a year ago and I plan to make a tripod base for something. Should be cool.cueStained the drawer/desk organizer table bright red. It looks cool. I also added some supports. I need to add 5 pounds to the base for extra stability and that table will be for sale. I also finished the dry fit of the small square mosaic table. I should glue it next week. I also cut out the  legs for that table. It’s been I am up to 6 songs now for 50/90. I try not to think too hard about doing 44 more. I wrote the 6th one last night.   There is this guy named John Cole who has a blog and his cat was killed yesterday by his sister’s dog. It’s awful. the cat has been the mascot for his blog for a long time and the viciousness and suddeness are hitting him hard and I found myself strangely sad and grieving for a cat and a I person I have never met. I left my condolences and I wrote this 51 second punk song about loss called I am sorry (you’ve got to try).  I will almost have enough inventory to do a flea market and maybe join the arts guild by mid August.

Guitar Clock, Guitar Table and Guitar?

sawblade duct tape guitar clock

Duct Tape Clock

I would like to make a guitar some day. luthiery work takes years to master and there is a lot of precision involved. How many frets will the instrument have? Will it be electric or acoustic? Body shape? What kind of tone wood to use? Should you use a bolt on neck or a set neck? It’s complicated and a little overwhelming, so as a sort of warm up I have made a few guitar shaped things to practice the cuts. First I draw a guitar shape on graph paper. I use the body of an old Fender for my template. Then I transfer the drawing onto wood, mdf, plywood whatever.  If it looks okay it’s time to cut. Sometimes I use a scroll saw, other times a jig saw, and even a reciprocating saw. guitartableOnce the cut out is made you have to decide what to do with it. I have 3 pieces now, one is a a plywood cutout, covered in duct tape and made into a clock. I use an old circular saw blade as the clock face and a clock kit from the local hobby store. I also have a table. The table is small, maybe 16″ tall. I made it a year ago and brought it into the store last week. It’s plywood with oak legs. I did my very first ever edge band job on this table, and it was a pain.  It is much easier to apply edge veneer to a straight surface. I like a challenge. I used a potato masher as a stencil to paint it and voila, an odd looking guitar table, $25.00 if anyone is looking for a small, unique inexpensive table. The last piece was suppose to be a clock too but I think it might just be an art piece. mdfguitarIt was cut from MDF, sanded and then painted.  My next guitar project is to try to make a large guitar coffee type table and a book shelf. While we are talking about guitars,  I posted two more songs to 50/90 this weekend. You can hear them at my 50/90 page or on my music projects page.

Two Tables and a Song

Scrap wood tableThe shutter table is available for sale at Camelot Village! I have it priced now at $89.99. I started a small square end table this week. It’s 15″ X15″ and i have a few more pieces to dry fit before I start glueing.  I have also made progress on the other mosaic table I have been working on Since May. For some reason the May table has been hard to dry fit. It’s funny, sometimes they come together very quickly, and other times not so much. I have also been working on more repurposing projects. I used chalk paint to cover an old desk drawer into a shelf and I took some really cool oak drawers and they will also be a shelf. it's a drawer it's a shelf! I think I have mentioned that I participate in something called FAWM every february. Fawm is a challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days. It’s great fun and really pushes my creative limits. FAWM has a sister site called 50 in 90. Which as you probably guessed is a song writing challenge to write 50 songs in 90 days. I signed up last year but didn’t post a song. Music generally takes a backseat to other things for me during the summer but I wrote a song today so I posted it to the my 50/90 page and I thought i would share it here too. It’s called Still sitting in this Room. I am not sure I will churn out 50 songs but it’s fun to to play and share music so who knows.