Turning a Dresser into a Jelly Cabinet

100_1887We have several dressers kicking around the workshop in various stages of disrepair. There is an old oak buffet with a secret compartment and very cool  drawers that I tuned into a wood storage unit. I have an oak dresser that stands about 42 ” tall that I have plans to turn into a bench with storage. Finally, I have  a maple color 5 drawer chest with broken drawers.  I didn’t know what to do with it,selling it as a dresser wasn’t an option due to the drawer damage. So I  decided to try to convert it into a jelly cabinet. First I took all the drawers out and ripped out the drawer rails and support braces. Then I sanded the top and treated it with 100_1897denatured alcohol I did the same to the sides. When I was done I installed cleats on the inside and cut a shelf to fit and installed the shelf. Next I cut planks for a floor and installed them. I am going to paint it black and red. I have already taped off the edges  on one side and painted the center panel black. I hope to get a second coat on tonight and then paint the other side tomorrow.  Once the paint is done  I will have to construct a door for the cabinet. I am not sure if I am going to have two doors or one.  100_1900I was leaning towards two but in order to  install two doors I will have to have a center post and that limits access to the shelves when the piece is in use. If I only have one door it will be large and opening it in small spaces may be a problem. Decision decisions. At the moment I am leaning towards doing one door with two small mosaic scrap wood panels framed by more scrap wood.  I picked up these weird 9×9 square pieces of wood today. One has a dozen or so spirals burned/carved into it and the other has squiggly lines burned in. There are some nasty surface scratches but I think I could use those as the center for the two mosaic panels I  will need for the door.  Hopefully I can frame cut and dry fit the door on Monday or Tuesday. I am aiming to bring it into the store this week.