it’s a plane!

yellowheart wooden airplaneI don’t just make tables, I make small peace signs, puzzles and things like that. I also make a small wooden air plane. The first plane was an experiment. My nephew had a kit with pre cut pieces that you had to assemble and glue. it was a ┬áneat project but I thought
it would be more fun to make my own plane plans. So I did and in ten easy steps I had a plane. Continue reading

and now back to your regularly scheduled web site. . .

scrap wood mosaic wall hangingIt’s been an up and down all over the place year. I have been focused on a lot of non wood working things, but not anymore. This summer I have committed to double the time I spend in the shop, join the local arts guild, do more and better shows, and start taking credit cards. I am doing 50/90 again too. I am working on a ton of new and old projects and getting ready for some local shows this fall. I have an etsy store now too.