Coffee Table

IMG_20151219_153707It’s been a struggle keeping up with all of my projects.  Much of my workshop time is devoted to making and planning Christmas presents. It happens every year, I neglect ongoing projects in favor of last minute gifts that I should have made earlier and I don’t get back to my usual schedule until at least MLK day. I don’t know if it is the holidays or what but  the coffee table mosaic  that i started way back in October took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I put the last pieces in for the dry fit today. Continue reading

Pick up Truck

46d03670-ba5c-451a-aa40-8fbaa1fc97deI have had a lot of fun making the wood planes and I decided I wanted to try to make some other wooden toys. I did a google image search for wooden toy  and millions of things popped up.  New toys, vintage toys. Toys from soda cans. boats made from milk cartons that run on candle power. In fact I lost a good half hour of work time this morning watching you tube videos about making duct tape boats,  a battery from copper coins, and speakers from lead and an empty matchbook.After sorting through the pictures I decided  I would try to make a pick up truck. Continue reading