Trucks and More.

IMG_20151220_182352I am still working on making wooden trucks.I have a sketch that I made of a fire truck that I hope to complete this winter. It is very simple. It is basically the pick up truck shape cut out with a slightly longer bed and the addition of a ladder. The ladder is just scrap wood and dowels and it attaches to the back of the truck with a dowel. I will paint the truck red and the ladder white. I am also brainstorming ideas for a helicopter, that has been a more difficult challenge.  A IMG_20160103_195026helicopter is a complex vehicle to model. It is easy to get carried away ,but I want something simple that is still recognizable as a helicopter. I will give it wheels instead of ski’s and I want to have a top and side mount propeller.   I have not been happy with any of the drawings I have started and I have yet to find a real world example that I like enough to reverse engineer. I will keep looking and thinking. It hasn’t just been firetrucks and helicopters in the workshop, I started  a small mosaic. I am not sure what I will do with it when it is complete, It may be the center for a larger project or I may leave it as is and put it up on etsy as a small wall hanging.

Happy New Year! Looking Ahead and Looking Back

IMG_2302Happy New Year! I am not the type to make New Years resolutions but I do  hope to have at least doubled the contents of my Etsy store by January of 2017. I also want to be in at least one shop and do a couple more shows in 2016 than I did in 2015.  I guess the most important goal is to learn lots of new woodworking techniques and have fun doing it.  Continue reading