365 days of peace: a resilient peace

KIMG0541It’s been 4 weeks of peace signs. 28 days. Today I used cedar. Shocking I know. This is more left over 1/4″ toungue and groove closet liner.  I drew on to the wood in pen, outlined the ink with a razor blade, and then chiseled out barely 1/32″ of material.   I doused it in mineral spirits and set it on fire. (Outside with a fire extinguisher near by) I sanded it a bunch, cut the circle out with the scroll saw. Set it on fire again and painted the outline black. It’s been through a lot. It has knots, gashes, chips and scars. But it survives. Being peaceful sometimes means  absorbing violence without reflecting it back. That can do damage. But it can also build strength.  28 down 337 more to go.

365 days of peace: a wise & weathered peace

KIMG053827 days of peace signs. Wooden peace signs, metal peace signs, drawings, paper clips ,rubber bands and drums. Still so many to make. Today I started working on the scrap end of a porch post. I chiseled, this time with a sharpened chisel. I chiseled just a little too much and I  ended up  inadvertently chiseling straight  through the wood.  I put the chisel down and put aside the porch post.  I had a small cedar rectangle left over from the slices from peace at the edge  I am not sure how well peace wears? Does it twist until it’s unrecognizable? I think there is peace in wisdom. But is there always wisdom in peace? Another one complete.  338 left to imagine.

365 days of peace: an instrument of peace

KIMG0531day 25.  todays peace is made from drum sticks and a bass drum band. I am not feeling peaceful today. but every day you have a choice. every moment you have a choice. you can choose peace or you can choose war. sometimes it seems like the choice is made for you by circumstance. It isn’t.  In the heat of battle you can still be an instrument of peace. 25 down 340 to go.