365 days of peace: a dangerous peace

KIMG0502It’s day 20 and today peace feels like a luxury that the poor and oppressed don’t have access to.  I started this project to spend more time in the shop and as a way to transform anger and apathy into compassion and action.  I have made twenty peace signs so far and I don’t think I know what peace is anymore.  In a world where violence is the language of power what is peace? Today’s peace is a chop saw blade and yellow and blue paint. 20 down 345 to go.

365 days of peace: a peaceful rhythm

KIMG0462Starting week three of peace. Day 15! Today’s peace is not made of wood. It’s constucted from a pre owned  drum head and stylish duct tape.  I had this old head sitting around and thought why not? I had a much more complicated vision but this simple version works. I have a 14 inch tom head, another bass head and a roll of diamond plate duct tape. So I may do this or something like it again.

365 days of peace: a declarative peace

KIMG0457 It’s day 14 and I was thinking about the finality of violence versus a purposeful declarative peace. Today’s peace is made from scrap maple. I drew an exclamation point with pencil and cut out the peace sign on the scroll saw. I originally had this as one piece but It looked like a peace sign wearing a hat not an artist rendering of an exclamation point. Seperating it made it look more exclamation point-like.  Though now looking at it, the top is starting to look like a distorted outline of the state of Vermont. Whatever works. It’s another peace sign.

365 days of peace: an explosive peace

day13It’s Friday the Thirteenth, which means I am on the verge of marking two weeks of peace. 13 days. a bakers dozen of peace. Today’s Peace is made from some rough cut pine used as paneling in a small shed. I drew the circle and fuse with a ball point pen and cut it on the scroll saw. I painted the peace bomb, fuse, and explosion with poster paint.

365 days of peace: a peaceful melody

day12aOn the twelfth day of peace my true love gave to me a peace sign in a ship-lap guitar. This peace sign began life as two pieces of pine ship-lap that I glued together. I drew out the outline of a guitar body and and cut a crude imitation of a Gibson guitar, painted it  blue, then black, accidentally splattered it  with orange spray paint and then sanded it.

365 days of peace: a patchwork peace

day1111 days of peace. I found more  1/4″ poplar! I can’t remember why I have so much!  I cut out a small circle and lightly sanded the edges. I cut the circle in half and then cut  a 30 degree wedge from each half circle. After making the cuts I arranged the 4 pieces so that the space between the wedges would form the shape of the peace sign.  I wanted to add contrast and I had some old 1/4″ red cedar closet liner so I cut that into strips and filled the spaces with the cedar.