365 days of peace: a peace full of holes

KIMG0646Today was a day of lofty goals and poor execution. I ended up with a lot of holes in a dodgy piece of plywood. And I lost my safety glasses. No matter how much you try to avoid causing harm it happens.  Simple things, a careless word, a poor lane change, a half thought out criticism can injure sting and wound.  We collect these indignities and carry them ,accumulating and passing on more and more pain. What if instead of carrying these little hurts and aggressions around in a bucket we used  a sieve and let it all go?  58/307

365 days of peace: a peaceful renewal

KIMG0639It’s the 56th day of the year. For my next peace I used colored pencils.  Peace can be an open window or a locked door. Peace can be a new beginning and an old habit. Peace is honest and reflective. Peace offers  rebirth and renewal. No matter where you are or who you are you can change. Peace rises again. peace moves. Peace is enough. You are enough. 56/309

365 days of peace: a durable peace

KIMG0635For my 54th peace sign I used a piece of cedar. I drew a peace sign in pencil and cut it out with the scroll saw.  I used a rasp and file to add texture. Cedar is soft and pliable but also strong and resistant. You can gouge it cut it slice it and beat it, expose it to extreme temperatures and it’s still sturdy and beautiful.  What makes a durable peace?  A yielding nature or rigidity? A balance of both? Awareness? forgiveness? Is durability compatible with vulnerability? If the answer is violence what is the question? 54/311

365 days of peace: an ornamental peace

KIMG0629Today I did an experiment. I took some Christmas ornaments and took the hangers off. I drilled small holes into a piece of pine to hold the ornaments, used the hangers for the outline and you have today’s peace.  Is peace just for show or does it have substance? Just because something is intended for display doesn’t mean it lacks depth.  51/314

365 days of peace: a resourceful peace

KIMG0623Day 50 has come quickly. Today I improvised with pine. I have a rotary tool. The lock collar is busted and the lovely and patient Jessica has been tracking down the part. I also broke hers. Despite or maybe because of my negligence I wanted a rotary tool today. I thought a drill is a kind of rotary tool and  here we are. After making the peace channel with an assortment of drill bits,  I filled it with yellow sand. There will be shellac at some point. You make peace with the tools you have not the tools you want. Can you adapt?  can you keep up with ever changing expectations? Peace is resourceful and persistent. Where is the line, when do you stop making a bad situation work and demand better conditions ? When indeed. 50/315

365 days of peace: the value of peace

KIMG0619Today i am playing with pennies and a pan. It was warm today so the bat hibernating in the workshop woke up again and I didn’t want to deal with it. What is peace worth?  What is its true value?  Is it something you can trade? If you have to buy peace what are you expecting from the exchange? Loyalty? Protection? Freedom? Do you know? Is peace priceless? 49/316