365 days of peace: a distracting peace

KIMG0565I had peace block tonight.  I am going to blame my lack of creativity on the weather. We are having a bad storm tonight. It’s loud and icy outside. Jess made fudge and suggested I could make a peace sign on top of the fudge with marshmallows.  Two problems solved, a simple peace and a welcome distraction. Moving right along. 38 peace signs made  327 to go.

365 days of peace: an unfinished peace

KIMG0564I broke two peace signs today.  First I tried to use a small scrap oak oval. It did not go well. Fragments of oak went flying around the workshop and I had to start over. I decided maybe today isn’t a wood day so I glued some scratched CD’s together & tried to cut a peace sign out with the scroll saw. Disaster.  Finally I used some oak flooring and busted out the dull chisels.   Peace is a process not an outcome. 37 down 328 to go. 

365 days of peace: a peaceful perspective

KIMG0560Today marks five weeks of peace. Number 35 is made from  a 1 1/2″ piece of pine. It’s just a little off. A change in perspective can turn confrontation into reconciliation. It can lead to understanding and peace. Absence of violence doesn’t necessarily create peace. But peace disavows violence. The source of your suffering can be the source of your strength. Small ripples make waves. 35 down 330 to go.


365 days of peace: a swift and flawed peace

KIMG0556Number 34 is made from walnut. When I started drawing on it I thought it was poplar. It wasn’t until I was cutting it that I realized it was walnut.  Walnut is one of my favorite woods. It’s beautiful and forgiving. I rushed and made erratic and unfocused cuts which makes it unique and special but also deeply flawed. Can peace come too fast? How long is too long? 34/331