365 days of peace: an abrasive peace

KIMG0686Peace sometimes has a rough exterior.  We protect ourselves from damage by putting up walls and obstacles. What we are protecting is precious, but  hiding behind battlements and barricades is not peace.  Share yourself and your talents. Share the sensitive parts. Share  the rough parts. Share all of it, and slowly other people will let their guard down too.  It’s a risk but it has to start somewhere. Why not with you? 77/288

365 days of peace: peace of the Irish

KIMG0682Happy Saint Patrick’s Day or Irish Thanksgiving as we call it in our house.  It’s the 76th day of the year and I made a shamrock out of maple and drew a peace sign in the middle.  Don’t drink and drive and a Guinness is always a better option than green beer. Trust me. I am  Irish. 76/289

365 days of peace: a peace of pizza

KIMG0679I had really really planned on a more involved peace but the late winter storm added a bit of uncertainty to the week. So today I arranged some olives on some naan and called it peace. Peace is nourishing and if your creative and determined   it can made from whatever you have on hand. 74/291

365 days of peace: a peaceful solution

KIMG0677Before you can solve the problem you have to define it. You have to determine the variable you are solving for. Then you need to determine the order of operations. You don’t always get the right answer on the first try. Just because you failed  doesn’t mean your a failure. Peace is like that too. It’s a riddle. It’s not always clear why there is conflict.  But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to solve the problem. 73/292

365 days of peace: peace at any price?

KIMG0673I don’t think I mentioned this but I gave up violence for lent. I am not particularly violent or religious but it seemed that being mindful of threats of violence to self and others might help me on a number of levels.  What would you give up for peace? What would you give?  Peace at any price is no peace. 72/293

365 days of peace: a responsible peace

KIMG0669It’s the 70th day of the year. To end week 10 I used shiplap drilled some holes then cut out a circle on the scroll saw.  I was going to set it on fire but it’s really really windy and I didn’t want to risk an errant flame. Peace has to come from a sense of equanimity, shared humanity and community. But it would have looked cool on fire. 70/295