365 days of peace: a tired peace

It’s exhausting to fight all the time. To live life as a constant succession of battles is emotionally and physically draining. IMG_0112And it’s in those moments of struggle that we can let go of the fight and embrace peace.     This is the 2nd peace sign that I have made “in the wild.” The first was split peace. This one was made on the border of the linear park and a cemetery in Williamstowm, MA from a tire & some twigs. 119/246


365 days of peace: a concrete peace

Is peace a tangible thing you can touch and feel and interact with? Or is it a concept illusive  and abstract? Is it solid or formless?  Can’t it be both? 117/248 I made 117 from concrete and glass tile. It hasn’t fully cured yet so I am not sure what the final peace willl look like when it dries and I remove the form work.


365 days of peace: an ad hoc peace

what is the ideal precondition for peace? is there one?   To truly appreciate peace does it need to be forged by chaos and violence? Or can lasting peace rise from less destructive origins? you make peace with what you have. Sometimes it’s a mess Sometimes it’s not, but you still do the work. Everyday. 115/250