365 days of peace: peace in progress

while in the middle of a project it’s sometimes hard to tell if it’s a success or a failure. Perspective shifts with time and something that seemed to work doesn’t and something that just didn’t suddenly fits. We have so little knowledge and we make important life changing decisions based on incomplete information and a bias towards negativity. Peace,like life, is a process. Learn from your mistakes, embrace imperfection and keep going. 148/217 May 28, 2018 oven baked sculpting clay. It needs to cool and Then I can sand it and paint it. We’ll see.


365 days of peace: wired for peace

Survival often depends on cooperation but when resources are scarce we fight. Are we wired for peace or war? Can we overcome this collective delusion that violence solves problems? Or are we doomed to keep fighting the same battles generation after generation? 147/218 flower wire on a door. May 27, 2017


365 days of peace: a fabulous peace


Today I am struggling to keep this project going. It’s been a hard year and I am losing sight of why I am even doing it. It was originally something to turn apathy and anger into compassion & action. As the days have gone by it’s become a reflection on absurdity & impermanence. And I have no idea what it will become. Which is kind of motivating. it’s ok not to have the answers. It’s ok to take a break. It’s ok to bust out the glitter and sparkle a bit.  146/219 may 26, 2017 glitter glue on paper

maintaining the peace: the peace garden


keeping track of 140 something peace signs is no small task. I am a little under halfway through the year and it’s been my experience that peace is harder to maintain than to make. I have peace debris all over the lawn.  There are sticks and rocks in the yard making it hard to walk and harder to mow.  In order to help bring order to this chaos my friend Michelle came over and tamed an overgrown flower bed.  I moved 3 peace’s to the flower bed and made a peace garden. Jess, the dogs and the neighbors will be happy that I can mow again.


365 days of peace: a vanishing peace



We are our own worst enemies. Even when things are calm and easy we inadvertently create the conditions for our future suffering. Is there really a point of no return? A point beyond which salvation and redemption are impossible? Things fade. Things fall apart. But they change and grow too. 144/221 the faded outline of a peace sign on over grown grass 5/24/2017

365 days of peace: a messy peace



Today my buddy Ben turned 13 and we made a peace sign out of foam golf balls & barn board. He did most of the work but I helped.  Life is messy but if your surrounded by people you love it can be a beautiful mess. Happy birthday Ben!  143/222  May 23, 2017