365 days of peace: a hidden peace

Peace is hard to find sometimes. It’s elusive, out of sight and out of reach. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.  It’s there if you want it. It’s a choice. You can choose rage and anger and fear. Or you can choose love compassion and peace. Life is short and we hide from that fact. We pretend that tomorrow is inevitable. It’s not. All we have is now. This moment is precious and so are you. Find that hidden peace and share it. 136/229 more green spray paint on the back of the fence out in front of my workshop. 5/16/2017


365 days of peace: a disintegrating peace

things fall apart which is sad, but it’s beautiful too. Peace is easy when things are good. The true test comes when things collapse. do you run away? Do you hide behind shiny distractions?  do you lash out?  135/230 birch bark shellls 5/15/2017 with an assist from Jess




365 days of peace: a stoic peace

Is indifference  a kind of peace? Or just an emotionless calm.Being numb to pain and pleasure is a denial of your basic humanity.  impermanence is the only constant. It’s so easy to get caught in a routine and forget the beauty and the horror. The duality of existence. But we have to remember how crazy it is to exist at all. 134/231 wood  from the wood pile 5/14/2017



365 days of peace: is peace a strawman


is peace a logical fallacy?  A false premise? The world is random and cold sometimes. It’s dark and lonely. Instead of pulling away from the randomness maybe we should embrace it. That old friend you’ve been meaning to call? Pick up the phone, you may not get another chance. If you love someone tell them.  You want to learn the banjo? No time like the present. Do it. Now. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing.  133/232 straws on a plate 5/13/2017