365 days of peace: A sacrificial peace


Peace is hard. It’s preceded by horror, wanton violence death  and destruction. When the conditions are so bad that surrender seems seems more appealing than suffering and mercy seems better than misery peace can take hold. But there are always sacrifices. Always. 181/184 June 30, 2018 red dragon ink on chiseled barn board.

365 days of peace: a blurred peace


What’s the line between peace and war? It can be rigid and clear.  it can all kind of bleed together. The margins are never quite clean. We hurt people we love. We have unspoken expectations and petty insecurities that can leave us hollow and drained of compassion. What is the right thing in a world full of bad choices? 179/186 June 28,2017 wood and fountain pen ink

365 days of peace: a convoluted peace


The path to peace is elaborate and twisted. It’s not always linear. It curves and spins moving from place to place in a chaotic pattern. Do you trust the path with all it’s distractions and diversions? Or do you abandon the path and  chart your own course? 176/189 June 25, 2017 scalloped edge peace sign

365 days of peace: prioritizing peace


what’s really important to you? What are your values.  what are your priorities? Do you make time for the things and the people that are important? Or do you glide through life  wondering why you never get what you want but unwilling to do the work that it takes to get it? Things need to be cultivated, nourished ,and encouraged to thrive. 175/190 June 24, 2017 arranged segments of a branch

365 days of peace: a fried peace


it’s hot and humid today and peace seems  distant and and impossible. We went to the Picasso exhibit at the Clarke today and  I was captivated by his lithograph titled  “la Colombo” or the dove. It’s not the kind of work I usually associate with Picasso but it’s intense and simple and illustrates that artists have wrestled with war and peace for a long time. Then we went to the dairy bar and I made a peace sign out of deconstructed waffle fries.  174/191 June 23, 2017 french fries on a plate


365 days of peace: a holy peace


Ritual and ceremony guide us through life. Rituals bring us into this world and rituals take us out of this world.  We build cathedrals and monuments to express our wonder and awe at the mysteries of the universe. We separate the sacred and the mundane. But everyday life is sacred. Every day struggles are inspirational. Peace is realizing you already have what you’re looking for, that now is sacred and worthy. Even if now you’re doing the dishes, paying a bill or drinking a cup of coffee. 172/193 June 21,2017 cedar cut and drilled