365 days of peace: a peaceful reminder


We forget. It’s what humans do best. Days. Years. Even decades. Sometimes forgeting keeps us sane and brave. But sometimes it gets us stuck and keeps us stupid. And sometimes a long forgotten memory comes rushing back. 169/196 June 18, 2017 scroll cut barn board sanded into a peace sign

365 days of peace: a traveling peace


we can get stuck in a routine, doing the same things, seeing the same people going to the same places. It’s easy to forget there’s a whole big world out there with ideas and customs that you know nothing about. Traveling can cause conflict  too but it can broaden your horizons change your perspective and lead to greater understanding. 168/197 I spent most of today in the air or on the tarmac so today’s peace is the airplane on the terminal sign at the airport. June 17,2017

365 days of peace: a natural peace



Is peace unnatural? Is cooperating a sign of weakness or strength? If you go looking for a fight you’re going to find one.  Isn’t it better to look for ways to encourage and be inspired? Conflict is unavoidable and it’s sometimes easier to lash out or withdraw. But it’s a choice. Make each moment count. Right now is enough and it’s all any of really have.  I am in New Mexico and found these cracks in a rock hiking with some friends at the  Tsankawi site outside of Santa Fe 167/198 June 16, 2017

365 days of peace: peaceful expectations


Things don’t work sometimes. You try. And you fail. You have to let go of your expectations. Drop the narrative and just be. It doesn’t mean you don’t plan or set goals but  you need to be  willing, mindful and flexible. 164/201 June 13,2017 glow in the dark duct tape that doesn’t really glow so well on a guitar case.