365 days of peace: a mysterious peace


we have had this wreath since we lived in the silo. It has battery operated lights that stopped working 10 years ago. It’s gotten a little weathered over the years but we always seem to find  a place for it. When I woke up this morning most of the lights were on. it’s not clear how or why they started working. Jess didn’t turn them on. I didn’t turn them on. Maybe the cats did it? Who knows? It’s a mystery. Peace can keep you guessing and offer all sorts of unexpected experiences.  234/131 August 22,2017

365 days of peace: a familiar peace


Things change. They grow, they evolve, tthey fall apart. In the face of uncertainty it’s normal to reach for things that are comforting and familiar. Sometimes it’s okay to embrace the comfortable but sometimes what’s familiar holds us back. 232/133 August 20,2017 small fence pickets