52 Weeks of Peace: feeling peace


I had a pretty involved project planned out this week. It didn’t work out. It was pretty disappointing. It got me thinking about my expectations. As a way to explore my own visual vocabulary I have been using an art therapy workbook and this weeks exercise was to create a feelings map with 6 emotions. This is what I drew for the last prompt, love of self and others. Love is peace and peace is love. 4/52 charcoal feelings map

52 weeks of peace: the peace process


This week I am going to make a peace table. I am making drawings and cut lists with vague hopes of having it ready to assemble Thursday. Stability is an important part of making a functional table so  I have been thinking about stability as I outline this weeks project. What I keep coming back to is that stability  is the right combination of strength, flexibility and balance. It’s finding that combination that can be tricky.

Preparing For Peace


I don’t plan. It’s a problem. The problem is that not planning mostly works for me. I found out I was getting married two days before the ceremony. I wrote my graduation speech the night before graduation.  My luck may be running out? It’s the night before my first weekly peace sign is “due” and all I have is a bad drawing and bucket full of snow.  How do you plan for peace?  Should you even try? I guess we’ll see8DD22C6A-7A0F-4C7E-ACFC-53DCB619CBBF

52 weeks of peace: week 1 planning & preparation


It’s a short week so I thought I would do something easy, a snow sculpture. But it’s been unusually cold so the snow is more air than water and working with snow is harder than I thought. I drew some plans and came up with a timeline.  I am already behind schedule.  It’s supposed to be a balmy 25 tomorrow so I should be able to build the base and start carving.  Wish me luck I am going to need it.