One peace at a time: dripping peace


It’s hot and tempers flare at the slightest provocation or perceived provocation.  We get stuck in our amygdala and then everything  seems like a threat.  Sometimes there are threats and existential dangers, but most of the time it’s just our nervous system overreacting . In those moments of heightened fear and anger it doesn’t feel like you have a choice. But you do have a choice , in the space between stimulus and response you can interrupt the automatic reaction and choose something different.

3 months of peace: preparing for peace


My workshop can get kind of overwhelming. Michelle had been helping me sort and organize my ever expanding scrapwood collection. Which means I have been pulling nails and cutting odd shaped pieces in to more usable shapes. It got me thinking about all the invisible labor that goes on all the time.  By cultivating peaceful habits today you make the present better and make it easier to maintain those habits and build community.