365 days of peace: the path to peace


Peace isn’t something to achieve once and move on. It is a daily–sometimes hourly– struggle. Some days it seems easy to let go of the accumulated anger and resentment of a well lived life. Sometimes it takes an unimaginable effort just to go about the bussiness of living.  You get cut off in traffic, you hate your boss, you feel trapped and isolated and alone.  The path to peace is filled with opportunities disguised as obstacles.  Do you notice or are you too busy jumping from manufactured crisis to manufacturered crisis to even pay attention to all the path has to offer?  188/177 July 7,2017  I dragged some logs around at the nature conservatory in Bennington, VT

365 days of peace: peace offering


It’s hard to trust. It’s hard to let go of past hurt and suffering. When we’ve been wronged it can be hard to forgive. How do you know if someone’s remorse is sincere? How do you know if offers of peace are legitimate?  184/181 July 3, 2017 peace cut into lemon meringue pie.

365 days of peace: a poison peace



We sabotage ourselves. We agree to rules we know we won’t follow. We make the terms of surrender impossible, ensuring that peace willl crumble. We put traps and obstacles in our own way.  What if we didn’t poison our own potential for peace with insecurity and mistrust? What if we honestly and willingly surrendered? Suffering is holding on and happiness is letting go. 183/182 July 2, 2017 sparkling skull stickers on paper

365 days of peace: A sacrificial peace


Peace is hard. It’s preceded by horror, wanton violence death  and destruction. When the conditions are so bad that surrender seems seems more appealing than suffering and mercy seems better than misery peace can take hold. But there are always sacrifices. Always. 181/184 June 30, 2018 red dragon ink on chiseled barn board.