365 days of peace: Repeating Peace


some of us have to learn the same lessons over and over again. I keep learning that each day is an opportunity to live in the moment and fully immerse myself  in the joy and the pain of living. then I forget.   take advantage of the time you have. It’s a gift. 347/18 December 13,2017 colored pencil

365 days of peace: stealth peace



Peace is labor intensive. A lot of it is hard and not immediately gratifying.  Remember the work is worth it.  Everyone faces a hard journey and it becomes more bearable when we treat one another with kindness along the way. 344/21 December 10, 2017 cranberries & pam  in a bundt pan with Megan in Long Island

365 days of peace: a self conscious peace



life is a funny thing. I have been thinking a lot about what I am going to do on January first. With less than a month left I still don’t know. It’s been a long year and at times an incredibly difficult year. I have struggled. I started this project as a tangible way to turn anger and apathy into compassion and action. I am afraid i am still just as angry but I am more compassionate.  I have learned that small things matter.  discipline matters.  making time for awe and wonder and creative expression matters.  you matter. I matter. No matter what I do in 2018 I am glad I brought some peace to the world this year. 339/26 December 5, 2017 watercolor