365 days of peace: a peaceful rhythm

KIMG0462Starting week three of peace. Day 15! Today’s peace is not made of wood. It’s constucted from a pre owned  drum head and stylish duct tape.  I had this old head sitting around and thought why not? I had a much more complicated vision but this simple version works. I have a 14 inch tom head, another bass head and a roll of diamond plate duct tape. So I may do this or something like it again.

Tactile Interactive Abstract Art


In December I was asked to make a small work of art that used scrap materials and could be explored visually and through touch.  I had been thinking about incorporating shapes with different thicknesses to give more texture and depth to the mosaic wall pieces and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment and make something different. Most of the mosaics I make give the illusion of depth visually, but intentionally adding a third dimension that would have to function as a visual element and be interactive was daunting. I had a few days to come up with ideas and a week to ship it.  My original concept was to take a bunch of shapes arrange them into a mess and cut  that mess into a circle. I played around with patterns. Maybe I should make a tree? that would be cool. I decided that I was only going to use triangles. a tree triangle, not exactly breaking new ground but it would be something. Continue reading