Happy New Year!

it’s 2018! I am excited for what’s in store for the new year and a bit  apprehensive too. I mentioned yesterday that I have another peace project brewing for 2018. Instead of doing a peace sign a day, I am going to make one a week. I will chose a theme or material and post a finished peace every Thursday. 365 days of peace helped me build a creative habit and emphasize process over product. This year I want to get better at planning and preparing for a project. D5D2B183-D81F-4435-94C4-147859AA5B48 Old habits are hard to break and I made a peace sign this afternoon out of frozen food coloring on snow. Freeing myself from the obligation to make peace has given me the choice to do so. that’s the plan now. I will post updates as I go and hopefully I will create some larger more dynamic peace signs. Wish me luck I a hope you have peace and prosperity in the new year.

365 days of peace: a resourceful peace

KIMG0623Day 50 has come quickly. Today I improvised with pine. I have a rotary tool. The lock collar is busted and the lovely and patient Jessica has been tracking down the part. I also broke hers. Despite or maybe because of my negligence I wanted a rotary tool today. I thought a drill is a kind of rotary tool and  here we are. After making the peace channel with an assortment of drill bits,  I filled it with yellow sand. There will be shellac at some point. You make peace with the tools you have not the tools you want. Can you adapt?  can you keep up with ever changing expectations? Peace is resourceful and persistent. Where is the line, when do you stop making a bad situation work and demand better conditions ? When indeed. 50/315

365 days of peace: a peaceful past

KIMG0605I made today’s peace from a piece of barn board. I thought it was oak at first but it seems more like chestnut now. It’s old and worn. The past informs everything we are. It’s our history, our glory and our shame. When things get hard  it’s too easy to idealize the past and long for a time when things seemed simpler. Nothing is as simple as it seems and that idealized past is an illusion.  Peace isn’t in the past or the future. It’s right now. 46/319

365 day of peace: a courageous peace

KIMG0568Number 39 is made from walnut. I was thinking about violence and fear today.  Fear is a funny thing. So is bravery. We all have fears. Little things that we brush up against and ignore. Big things that we smash into and ignore. Having too much fear is just as debilitating as not having enough. How often do we lash out in fear? Fear can connect us if we let it and it can tear us apart. Courage is more than conquering fear. It starts with acceptance. It’s being afraid and doing the right thing anyway.  39 down 326 to go.

365 days of peace: a distracting peace

KIMG0565I had peace block tonight.  I am going to blame my lack of creativity on the weather. We are having a bad storm tonight. It’s loud and icy outside. Jess made fudge and suggested I could make a peace sign on top of the fudge with marshmallows.  Two problems solved, a simple peace and a welcome distraction. Moving right along. 38 peace signs made  327 to go.

365 days of peace: an unfinished peace

KIMG0564I broke two peace signs today.  First I tried to use a small scrap oak oval. It did not go well. Fragments of oak went flying around the workshop and I had to start over. I decided maybe today isn’t a wood day so I glued some scratched CD’s together & tried to cut a peace sign out with the scroll saw. Disaster.  Finally I used some oak flooring and busted out the dull chisels.   Peace is a process not an outcome. 37 down 328 to go. 

365 days of peace: a peaceful perspective

KIMG0560Today marks five weeks of peace. Number 35 is made from  a 1 1/2″ piece of pine. It’s just a little off. A change in perspective can turn confrontation into reconciliation. It can lead to understanding and peace. Absence of violence doesn’t necessarily create peace. But peace disavows violence. The source of your suffering can be the source of your strength. Small ripples make waves. 35 down 330 to go.


365 days of peace: a swift and flawed peace

KIMG0556Number 34 is made from walnut. When I started drawing on it I thought it was poplar. It wasn’t until I was cutting it that I realized it was walnut.  Walnut is one of my favorite woods. It’s beautiful and forgiving. I rushed and made erratic and unfocused cuts which makes it unique and special but also deeply flawed. Can peace come too fast? How long is too long? 34/331