One peace at a time: misinterpreting peace


One of the quickest ways to escalate a conflict is to assign motivation to someone’s actions based on limited information. In a rush to judgement our focus narrows. We react based on a misread of social cues and misinterpretations of events.  Emotionally we respond as if our interpretation is fact.  If enough of us react this way small disagreements can easily be magnified.  What do we lose in recognizing that we are all making decisions  and judgements with incomplete information? What is the worst thing that can happen if you take a breath and give yourself room to fully experience your life instead of being reactive and frantically moving from crisis to crisis?

One peace at a time: a jealous peace


peace is not the absence of our flaws but the acceptance of our flaws. Jealousy and envy are feelings of insecurity. And at its root that insecurity comes from a feeling of not being worthy of love or success or happiness. You are worthy as you are.