WIN_20151117_201006I made another plane. I used poplar for the body and walnut for the tail. The wings are made from a mystery wood. I changed the design a little bit from the first one. On my first plane the wings were glued to the bottom of the plane . For the new plane I attached the top and bottom of the plane’s body to the wings. It gives it a slightly more compact appearance, and a stronger bond. I wanted to,keep the wood as natural,as possible so I left the wood raw, no stain or paint. I sanded it from 40 toIMG_20151114_182029 400 grit sandpaper and finally finished it with butcher block oil. I really like the way this one turned out and I have already started making the next plane. Jess wants me to make a triplane, like the red baron made famous. For now, I will stick to the bi plane but I definitely will experiment with other designs. Clamping a biplane  is a challenge, I can’t imagine the logistics of clamping  triplane. Actually most of my plane ideas require a similar clamping process which is  different than clamping other projects. The most effective and efficient  clamp for projects that are not a uniform shape is a rubber band.  Rubber bands apply pressure where you need it and are very accurate but they can do damage if you are not careful, in fact I accidently launched a piece of the tail the first time I attached the rubber band. Lucily no damage was done to the plane or anything else.