365 days of peace: an explosive peace

day13It’s Friday the Thirteenth, which means I am on the verge of marking two weeks of peace. 13 days. a bakers dozen of peace. Today’s Peace is made from some rough cut pine used as paneling in a small shed. I drew the circle and fuse with a ball point pen and cut it on the scroll saw. I painted the peace bomb, fuse, and explosion with poster paint.

365 days of peace: a patchwork peace

day1111 days of peace. I found more  1/4″ poplar! I can’t remember why I have so much!  I cut out a small circle and lightly sanded the edges. I cut the circle in half and then cut  a 30 degree wedge from each half circle. After making the cuts I arranged the 4 pieces so that the space between the wedges would form the shape of the peace sign.  I wanted to add contrast and I had some old 1/4″ red cedar closet liner so I cut that into strips and filled the spaces with the cedar.

Tactile Interactive Abstract Art


In December I was asked to make a small work of art that used scrap materials and could be explored visually and through touch.  I had been thinking about incorporating shapes with different thicknesses to give more texture and depth to the mosaic wall pieces and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment and make something different. Most of the mosaics I make give the illusion of depth visually, but intentionally adding a third dimension that would have to function as a visual element and be interactive was daunting. I had a few days to come up with ideas and a week to ship it.  My original concept was to take a bunch of shapes arrange them into a mess and cut  that mess into a circle. I played around with patterns. Maybe I should make a tree? that would be cool. I decided that I was only going to use triangles. a tree triangle, not exactly breaking new ground but it would be something. Continue reading

365 days of peace: peace starts at home

day7today is day 7. I have been doing this for a week. A week of peace. Today I am working with oak barrel staves and metal barrel bands. I have several stave slices so this may be something I try again. The metal is thin enough to drill through but it still ate a drill bit. I minimally sanded the staves and applied a light coat of mineral spirits and lemon oil to the oak,