52 Weeks of Peace: feeling peace


I had a pretty involved project planned out this week. It didn’t work out. It was pretty disappointing. It got me thinking about my expectations. As a way to explore my own visual vocabulary I have been using an art therapy workbook and this weeks exercise was to create a feelings map with 6 emotions. This is what I drew for the last prompt, love of self and others. Love is peace and peace is love. 4/52 charcoal feelings map

365 days of peace: peace out


I did it. It’s been a year. 365 days. A year of joy. A year of loss. A year of hope. A year of fear.  A year of introspection. A year of anger. A year of disillusion. A year of excitement. A year of peace. 365 peace signs cut, glued, carved, burned, etched, painted, found,chiseled, and arranged. The stated goal of this project was to turn anger and apathy into compassion and action. I don’t know yet if I succeeded. I think it’s a process. So what now? I will continue this journey but It will be different. this project has come to an end but i have a few ideas for a new peace project in 2018. I will see how I feel tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who helped me, inspired me and encouraged me to make a peace sign every day. Peace out 365/0 December 31, 2017. Cut and chiseled cedar

365 days of peace: stealth peace



Peace is labor intensive. A lot of it is hard and not immediately gratifying.  Remember the work is worth it.  Everyone faces a hard journey and it becomes more bearable when we treat one another with kindness along the way. 344/21 December 10, 2017 cranberries & pam  in a bundt pan with Megan in Long Island