365 day of peace: a courageous peace

KIMG0568Number 39 is made from walnut. I was thinking about violence and fear today.  Fear is a funny thing. So is bravery. We all have fears. Little things that we brush up against and ignore. Big things that we smash into and ignore. Having too much fear is just as debilitating as not having enough. How often do we lash out in fear? Fear can connect us if we let it and it can tear us apart. Courage is more than conquering fear. It starts with acceptance. It’s being afraid and doing the right thing anyway.  39 down 326 to go.

365 days of peace: a declarative peace

KIMG0457 It’s day 14 and I was thinking about the finality of violence versus a purposeful declarative peace. Today’s peace is made from scrap maple. I drew an exclamation point with pencil and cut out the peace sign on the scroll saw. I originally had this as one piece but It looked like a peace sign wearing a hat not an artist rendering of an exclamation point. Seperating it made it look more exclamation point-like.  Though now looking at it, the top is starting to look like a distorted outline of the state of Vermont. Whatever works. It’s another peace sign.

365 days of peace: an explosive peace

day13It’s Friday the Thirteenth, which means I am on the verge of marking two weeks of peace. 13 days. a bakers dozen of peace. Today’s Peace is made from some rough cut pine used as paneling in a small shed. I drew the circle and fuse with a ball point pen and cut it on the scroll saw. I painted the peace bomb, fuse, and explosion with poster paint.

365 days of peace: a patchwork peace

day1111 days of peace. I found more  1/4″ poplar! I can’t remember why I have so much!  I cut out a small circle and lightly sanded the edges. I cut the circle in half and then cut  a 30 degree wedge from each half circle. After making the cuts I arranged the 4 pieces so that the space between the wedges would form the shape of the peace sign.  I wanted to add contrast and I had some old 1/4″ red cedar closet liner so I cut that into strips and filled the spaces with the cedar.

Tactile Interactive Abstract Art


In December I was asked to make a small work of art that used scrap materials and could be explored visually and through touch.  I had been thinking about incorporating shapes with different thicknesses to give more texture and depth to the mosaic wall pieces and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment and make something different. Most of the mosaics I make give the illusion of depth visually, but intentionally adding a third dimension that would have to function as a visual element and be interactive was daunting. I had a few days to come up with ideas and a week to ship it.  My original concept was to take a bunch of shapes arrange them into a mess and cut  that mess into a circle. I played around with patterns. Maybe I should make a tree? that would be cool. I decided that I was only going to use triangles. a tree triangle, not exactly breaking new ground but it would be something. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

argyleYes it turns out you can play the drums if you can count and hit things. You can’t play well but that wasn’t the question. It’s also really important to practice.  My goal is to play drums on at least one fawm song this year. I haven’t spent all my time counting and hitting I have also been working in the shop. I have two really cool barn board mosaics that I am finishing and i have been working on more abstract 3  dimensional stuff too.

I am not a resolution kind of person but I do hope to expand my creativity in 2017 and use the things I learned, opportunities I was given in 2016 to keep progressing and adding to my show schedule and skill set.  I am also planning a year long project 365 days of peace. every day I will make a  different peace sign every day for a year. I posted the first one to  to twitter yesterday because word press was down when I had the idea and wanted to commit to the project.

when I first got into wood working I learned how to cut on a scroll saw by cutting out peace signs. it was a great way to learn inside cuts and outside cuts.  It taught me how to cut curves and straight lines. So this project is a return to my roots I guess.



If I can count and hit things can I play the drums?

KIMG0194It’s  a serious question. Last summer I bought a partial drum set.  It came with a bass drum, chain driven pedal, 3 toms  but  no snare. It needs new heads, and some hard ware. A high hat and a cymbal would be cool too. Even in its present condition It’s fun to hit the toms and play around with rhythm patterns.  In fact the cat has started playing the kick drum with his tail. Since I don’t want to be shown up by the cat  I really want to fix it up and learn actual patterns and fills. The time is now!. It will be loud and I will probably end up with a bruise or two.  Does anyone have any tips for someone new to drum repair and drumming?   Continue reading

Southern Vermont Garlic Festival

KIMG0156It’s been a crazy summer. I am participating in the 50 song in 90 day challenge. as of this moment I have a meager 14 songs,  I am super busy,  I knew that it would be tough to juggle everything, and I have 30 days to catch up, Jess and I went to Clayton, NY for a wedding (Congrats again to David and Lara you’re both awesome.) The Southern Vermont Garlic and Herb Festival starts tomorrow and I will be setting up my space in a few hours. Am I ready? Absolutely not. Will I be? Absolutely. Today is also My dad’s KIMG0157birthday and Slade’s Birthday. Happy Birthday guys and thanks for dedicating time on your birthday/birthday weekend to help me set up and sell my stuff.  My mom is leaving work early to help organize my merchandise. Jess is in the living room turning business cards into magnets and I am working on trivets and hoping to get one more table in before Saturday.  Which looks less and less likely as the hours tick by but I am still stubbornly optimistic. Which is disturbingly out of character. KIMG0158The silo that Jess and I lived in was directly across the street from the garlic festival grounds.  I have to admit that the prospect of standing there for 8 hours staring at the hole in the skyline where the silo use to be is not very appealing.  My mother, ever the planer has looked at the map and, has informed me that there will be a bounce house in the way but I think the silo was taller than a bounce house. In non garlic fest news.  Jess won’t let me use the washing machine to spin projects for spin art painting, I can’t imagine why. . . but  I have come up with a plan to use a brokenKIMG0155 record player instead. It beats using a coarse thread screw and a wood block.  I found a cool power pole in the woods by the hospital this week. I want it. It’s been cut up a bit already but it’s still too big to drag out of the woods, but with a chain saw, a drill, an ax, and a reciprocating saw I could cut it into more manageable pieces. I know poles like this are coated in creosote so that might be an issue. Anything else? Etsy shop will be fully stocked again soon.   Have a fun and safe labor day and if your anywhere near Southern Vermont this Labor Day weekend check out Garlic fest.