Coffee Table

IMG_20151219_153707It’s been a struggle keeping up with all of my projects.  Much of my workshop time is devoted to making and planning Christmas presents. It happens every year, I neglect ongoing projects in favor of last minute gifts that I should have made earlier and I don’t get back to my usual schedule until at least MLK day. I don’t know if it is the holidays or what but  the coffee table mosaic  that i started way back in October took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I put the last pieces in for the dry fit today. I will attach  the mosaic with construction adhesive tomorrow. When that dries I plane and 2e6c8e2a-1cf3-4758-b72f-c5ac003d7545sand the top so it is level, or close to level. Once I am satisfied with the look of the top I will  put a few coats of spray lacquer or bar resin as a protective finish. I hope to have it ready for sale by New Years Day.  My experimental wall hanging is finally finished. It took forever for the lacquer to dry and I had to apply many many coats since I used saw dust as a kind of grout.  I am selling it for $25 on Etsy.  Still working on refining the mosaic process and finishing the guitar table. I really want to make a guitar shelf of some kind. I should finish a few things before I start anything else!