FAWM 2014

Since 50/90 is almost upon us, I thought it might be a good time to post my fawm 2014 songs. I managed to write 24 songs and 34 minutes of music. Since my songs are so short my goal was actually 30 minutes of music. Jess bought me a new usb mic for Christmas last year and it gives the demo’s a fuller sound. A few of the skirmish songs sound a bit muddy but that’s what you get for writing and recording in an hour.  After the jump my 2014 fawm songs:

  1.  spectacular catastrophe
  2.  fear engine (kalashnikov’s regret) skirmish
  3.  don’t you know just how lucky you are?
  4.  4 times today already
  5.  the last time ( I never see it coming) skirmish
  6.  Kafka’s Birthday
  7.  plans are overrated
  8.  stigmitize the sick
  9.  even on the happiest day
  10.  rebels go to jail
  11.  in the 80′s we dug holes
  12.  your numerologist thinks this is a bad idea
  13.  our data steam reverts to the mean
  14.  meat market skirmish
  15.  draft beer and laudanum
  16.  wetlands skirmish
  17.  window skirmish
  18.  twenty severn years dissolve in a half an hour
  19.  clean slate (we loved fully but badly) skirmish
  20. relentless skirmish
  21. broken open skirmish
  22. you and i have a history
  23. it’s okay Ryker
  24.  now nobody will listen to me

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