flea market legs

IMG_20140621_165333A few months ago mom Jess and I went to a flea market at the Bennington house of tile. i bought a wobbly table and a leather topped table. The wobbly table had a really cool worn out rustic top and these legs that did not quite match it but were cool anyway. ┬áThe table was in rough shape but had clearly been loved. I pulled brads, 4′ spike nails, and screws out of this thing. Someone had even notched out 2×4′s and added them to the apron in the hopes of fixing the wobble. The top has been problematic to restore. it was really dry, but still end up moldy and warped. I am sure I can still do something with it but the original goal of re attaching it to the weird legs is probably not attainable at this point. These legs are heavy, and really thick. I don’t know what kind of wood they are, once I sand them down more I might be able to tell. before I reassemble them to the apron I plan to trace out the pattern so I can make similar legs with a jig saw.