Gout Stool

gout stool

So this past December my Grandmother passed away.  After the service those of us from out of town were asked to take a few things from her apartment to remember her. It always feels so weird to go through someone’s possessions.  It feels like a violation of their privacy, but it also provides a chance to reminisce  and can help carry the memory of the person who passed.  My cousin Adam spotted a simple wooden object that had figured fairly prominently in our memories of Grandma’s house. We use to pretend it was a scooter and ‘jump’ it around the house.  We always thought it was a IMG_20140101_130522poorly designed foot rest, but it turns out it is a gout stool.  Due to years of abuse it was not in the best of shape, so Adam and his son stopped by the workshop this winter to take it apart and start sanding it. It is a simple piece, made from five pieces of wood. We sanded it and Adam decided that in place of the handle he wanted some mosaic work. I want to keep it as primitive as possible, since it is so simple, and I have never done a two sided mosaic before, so even though it is relatively simple, it has been a challenge. This winter was a difficult one for a number of reasons so I have just started the project again. I will post pictures when it is done.