Guitar Clock, Guitar Table and Guitar?

sawblade duct tape guitar clock

Duct Tape Clock

I would like to make a guitar some day. luthiery work takes years to master and there is a lot of precision involved. How many frets will the instrument have? Will it be electric or acoustic? Body shape? What kind of tone wood to use? Should you use a bolt on neck or a set neck? It’s complicated and a little overwhelming, so as a sort of warm up I have made a few guitar shaped things to practice the cuts. First I draw a guitar shape on graph paper. I use the body of an old Fender for my template. Then I transfer the drawing onto wood, mdf, plywood whatever.  If it looks okay it’s time to cut. Sometimes I use a scroll saw, other times a jig saw, and even a reciprocating saw. guitartableOnce the cut out is made you have to decide what to do with it. I have 3 pieces now, one is a a plywood cutout, covered in duct tape and made into a clock. I use an old circular saw blade as the clock face and a clock kit from the local hobby store. I also have a table. The table is small, maybe 16″ tall. I made it a year ago and brought it into the store last week. It’s plywood with oak legs. I did my very first ever edge band job on this table, and it was a pain.  It is much easier to apply edge veneer to a straight surface. I like a challenge. I used a potato masher as a stencil to paint it and voila, an odd looking guitar table, $25.00 if anyone is looking for a small, unique inexpensive table. The last piece was suppose to be a clock too but I think it might just be an art piece. mdfguitarIt was cut from MDF, sanded and then painted.  My next guitar project is to try to make a large guitar coffee type table and a book shelf. While we are talking about guitars,  I posted two more songs to 50/90 this weekend. You can hear them at my 50/90 page or on my music projects page.