guitar cut out and other projects

IMG_20140726_102128I used the scroll saw today to cut a mini guitar/ukelele out of some scrap pine. I think it will be a clock, or one side of a small shelf? I haven’t used the scroll saw in a few months and  I wanted to practice my cuts. I will be cutting the half moon shape for the gout bench handle with the scroll saw and I wanted to see if the saw was up for a 1″ thick piece of wood.  It twas a productive day, I made progress on the mosaic for the gout bench handle too. I am gluing up some squares into a checkerboard shape with a rectangle border. Once it is dry I will cut out the half moon shape, and attach it to the handle. Once the handle is done the gout bench just needs one more round of sanding, some IMG_20140726_105244oil and final assembly. I have more scrap wood, my mom connected me with another woodworker who had scrap to pass along. It’s nice to get a variety of scrap wood. It’s fun using wood from so many sources and it ensures that no two pieces will ever be quite the same, and I like that.