Happy New Year! Looking Ahead and Looking Back

IMG_2302Happy New Year! I am not the type to make New Years resolutions but I do  hope to have at least doubled the contents of my Etsy store by January of 2017. I also want to be in at least one shop and do a couple more shows in 2016 than I did in 2015.  I guess the most important goal is to learn lots of new woodworking techniques and have fun doing it. 


Remember that coffee table that I was hoping to have for sale by the end of the year? It’s still a work in progress. The piece of plywood that I used as the substrate is pretty warped, so when I unscrewed the frame to apply the construction adhesive all that potential energy turned to kinetic energy and some of the edge pieces popped out. I struggled to re fit them, then every 18 volt drill battery in the house died. I was working with the Christmas deadline looming and I had to walk away for a few days. I IMG_20160102_195245returned to the table Saturday and it is clamped while the adhesive dries. I have about 8 or so hours worth of work left  to do on it before it is finished.  I need to sand  and plane the top, apply a finish coat, attach ribs to the table base and finally attach the top to the bottom. That 8 hours may take a day or a week, even a month depending on what else goes wrong.   It’s funny after I finally got the pieces in place I could not find the caulking gun anywhere. I resorted to using an old closet bar and my hand to apply the construction adhesive. Working like that  It brought me back to working on my first tables.

When I first started making the tables I did not have the system that I have now. I would frame out the pieces and make mosaics but once I was done I took a picture of the design, removed the pieces, applied adhesive and reassembled the pieces based on the picture. It took twice as long as it does now.

IMG_20160101_213945Every year Christmas sneaks up on me, even back when I mostly made ornaments I never felt like I had enough Christmas stuff to sell or give as gifts. I had some cute snowman puzzles,  and assorted ornaments but I could have done a lot more. I have decided that once a month I will play Christmas music and drink hot chocolate and make Christmas stuff. Hopefully I will have so much Christmas stuff I won’t know what to do with it all. I did make a cool snowflake  for my mom. It took forever to get it right. I drew many many snowflakes on scrap cardboard before I found the right shape. When I liked the look of  the shape I drew it onto some scrap wood and cut out four snowflakes. I had planned on painting them white but I liked the look of them after I sanded them. Finally I screwed two of the snowflakes together to give it some depth. It came out better than I expected and I hope to make a few more to sell.

IMG_20160101_213702I started making little wooden Christmas trees after Christmas.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them but I have almost a year to decide. I may cut two trees out and cut notches in each tree and slide them together to make a little 3d tree and drill little holes to add lights. I am thinking they either need to be a little bigger, or a little smaller. Or I could do a set of 3 with the smallest like 6 inches tall and the tallest 16 inches tall. I am definitely still brainstorming and experimenting at this point. It should be an interesting year.