it’s a plane!

yellowheart wooden airplaneI don’t just make tables, I make small peace signs, puzzles and things like that. I also make a small wooden air plane. The first plane was an experiment. My nephew had a kit with pre cut pieces that you had to assemble and glue. it was a  neat project but I thought
it would be more fun to make my own plane plans. So I did and in ten easy steps I had a plane.

First I measured the kit plane and drew out the body on graph paper. Second I measured plywood plane templateand drew out the wings, tail, stabilizer,propeller, and wheels. Third I transferred the patterns to wood. Fourth I cut the pieces of wood to shape. Fifth I ĉut a 1/4” dowel for the wing supports and the axle. Sixth, i stacked the wheels and drilled a hole in the center to fit the dowel. Seventh I stacked the wing pieces and drilled four holes for the dowels.  Eighth I sanded the pieces to 220 and shaped the wheels. Ninth I dry fit the pieces and adjusted the notches as needed. Tenth assembly and glue.  I used wood glue on the first one. if your cuts are perfect you can make it into a puzzle of sorts to repeatedly take apart and reassemble