Jessica’s Wibbly Wobbly Chair

IMG_20160404_071040We went to the thrift store a couple of days ago trawling for bargains and future projects. Our local good will usually has a ton of weird cool pieces, I have found funky fabric, vintage lamps, odd paintings, drum kits and lots of furniture. This week the selection was not as good as usual. but it was still fun to look. There was an entertainment center from the 80′s that was priced a little high at $25. It had cool hinges for the doors, and those were probably worth the price but you still have a hulking entertainment center made out of particle board to get rid of.There was a french press with just the press and no glass beaker. There was a vintage church organ for $300. I have no idea what the organ market looks like these days and for all I know that is a fair price. They also had a piano from about 1900.. The keys were busted, the finish was flakey and the roll top was jammed and the pedals were just resting on the floor without any visible connection to the piano.  I didn’t IMG_20160404_071155bother playing it. but I am guessing it is out of tune. It was rather plain there was very little decorative work, not even a cabriole leg and it was priced at $500. I can go to craigs list right now and find a dozen free or very cheap pianos. People don’t have the space to display them or the desire to move them. Gorgeous instruments with intricate fret work and inlay with excellent tone and working sustain pedals with listing titles that say “free if you can get it out of my basement. What I wonder is how did it get in the basement?   The era of a piano in every house is over. They are heavy, a pain to maintain. and really loud. As a musician it is sad to me that this is true, but it is. I wish the good will good luck but at $500 they will have a piano for a little while.  While I was being judgmental about $500 pianos and french press’s without the glass beaker, Jess found an odd little duck of a chair that she just had to have. It was $5 and you can’t go wrong for $5. It’s oak the arms IMG_20160404_071124are very broken and the mechanism that allows it to spin is separating from the bottom of the chair seat. Sitting in this chair is a risky proposition. Looking for a cheap adventure? Come over and sit in this chair while adding weight plates 2 pounds at a time until you fall or give in to the fear. Bonus round do it all again but this time with a cat jumping in and out of your lap. Anyway, the repair done to the arm is not pretty but it does not have to be because it is on the underside of the arm There is a small mending plate and some glue on the right and left side of each arm. As I take it apart I may find more severe damage,  It’s an odd looking chair that seems to have design elements from several different periods.  There is a decorative piece of plastic designed to look  like metal that Jess wants to replace with copper.. The chair looks like the kind of chair IMG_20160404_071227you would see in a library. I think it’s a marriage of a few different chairs, Jess really liked the base so we just have to be on the look out for a seat and arm rest to match. The arms are busted by the dowels on teh back will make a nice addition to my scrap pile. Jess has a nice black mission style desk that I have been playing with so once we acquire the chair pieces we will stain or paint it to match and Jess can have a little literary corner for herself.  Bonus fun fact, Jess did some research and the swivel base on this type of chair sells for $25 so it was a good buy even if it is a little rough.