let it snow!

WIN_20151023_192130Crazy weather we have been having it’s 70 one day and 30 the next.  It did snow last week and it feels like it could happen again today so it seems a good time to make winter products. I have been working on snowman puzzles in preparation for the season.  The first one I cut was okay. I did not like him that much, his arms seemed to short for me and I simulated his face with small drill holes. I think it was suppose to give a button like effect. I made another snowman, cut this one a bit bigger and this time I used a  sharpie for his face. I like his look better. The big guy was cut from an old shelf that had been painted white. I will do at least one more coat of white on him, and I  plan to paint his hat black. The little guy is made from walnut and I am going to sand him and use a water based stain to finish him.

WIN_20151023_191911I have also been working on plane puzzles, I have cut two so far. I thought it would be simple, they are small and most of the pieces only have one connector to cut. When I cut the first plane It was too loose, so if you picked up the puzzle it would fall apart, the second puzzle is tighter but I have decided that the plane puzzles really need a frame. So I made a frame for the second puzzle, painted it red and painted the plane orange and yellow. Seems to be a color scheme I like at the moment. I am glad I tried the plane puzzle, it’s good to try new things, it’s the only way to really learn.