more puzzles

IMG_20151006_180037I cut some more puzzles this week. I had some unexpected difficulty cutting  pumpkin puzzles. I found some scrap maple and thought it would make a nice pumpkin. It had other ideas, It was thick maple but I can cut wood up to 2  inches thick on my scroll saw so I thought it would work. It did not. The basic shape came out okay but there was a lot of skipping and it took a lot of pressure to keep the wood on the saw plate. The skipping and hopping  impacted the integrity and stability of the puzzle. IMG_20151004_185402Every puzzle is different, some are a tighter fit  than others, but as long as they stay together I call it a successful cut. I test the pumpkin puzzles by lifting by the stem. If the pumpkin pieces stay together when I lift it up by its stem than it is a decent puzzle. The maple puzzle did not stay together when I did the stem test. I moved on to a pine pumpkin puzzle and cut the tail on the stem too narrow snapping it. I gave up on the pumpkins for a while and moved on to a peace sign  puzzle. I cut a large peace sign and moved on to a small peace puzzle. I managed to cut a knotty piece so the  small peace puzzle pieces were useless.  IIMG_20151003_191449 did not want to finish on a failure so,I cut out one more peace sign and cut out a train silhouette puzzle. I stained  two  pine pumpkins and I painted a peace sign that I cut out last week. The perimeter pieces i painted red and yellow and the internal pieces are orange. It was a pain to do but it looks neat. I also made another small mosaic piece. Not sure what it is yet, a small table?  A wall hanging? Or perhaps a,tray?