Music Projects

IMG_20160131_133109 (1)Fun fact about me, I am not just a wood worker, I am a musician too. I play a couple of instruments but I primarily play guitar. One of my long term wood working goals is to write a song on a guitar I make myself. I have jammed with different people over the years but I am not currently in a band or anything but the last few years I have participated in February Album Writing Month.

FAWM is a song writing challenge that takes place every February. The goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. They don’t have to be good songs, or even mediocre songs. In fact they can be terrible. You can collaborate over the internet or in person to create a song.  for the past few years there has been a 4 track challenge. fawmers who still have 4 track tape recorders write a song together through the mail! How cool is that?

There are all sorts of games and prompts to encourage creativity, one of my favoritesIMG_20160131_133037 (1) is the song skirmish. What’s a skirmish? I am glad you asked,  A skirmish is a song writing exercise. A host picks a time and a song tittle and at the designated time the host posts the title or theme and the participants have an hour to write a song and post the song for others to read or listen to.  I do almost all of my song writing during fawm now. It’s a fun challenge and a supportive community.  I also participate in the 50 songs in 90 days challenge that runs from July 4 to October 2 I have only managed the full 50 songs once in 2013. You can listen to this years fawm here, and  this years 50/90 here. Those links go directly to the fawm and 50/90 sites so you travel that path at your own risk. Soon selections from every fawm and 50/90 will be available here.