Art Deco Dresser

FAWM 2012 was my third  It’s always been about being vulnerable through music and stretching my comfort zone. I decided that I was going to sing on every fawm song I wrote for 2012. I was using a cheap mic and an an analog 4 channel and there is still a lot of hiss, but there is some eq action. my favorite songs are “art decco dresser” and Don’t nail your finger to the table” and “manicure for a man with no fingers”

It was a leap fawm so we had 29 days so it was write 14.5. In 2012 I began to develop the style that has come to define my work. short micro songs with guitar and vox

  1. Art Deco Dresser
  2. Muppet Shakira
  3. Don’t nail your finger to the table
  4. The day the silo burned
  5. The regulatory recovery fee is not a tax
  6. drinking the cooking wine
  7. manicure for a man with no fingers
  8. atomic cartography
  9. a drag queen saved my life last night
  10. Let’s go to the csa
  11. don’t let your heart get shattered
  12. it’s a long way down
  13. chaos
  14. self-conscious
  15. the stinky sequel

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