50 songs in 90 days because 14 songs in 28 days just isn’t crazy enough!  I participated in my first 50/90 in 2013. Summer is so busy it seemed like too much to do. and it was.

if it was not for the skirmish and super skirmish opportunities I would never have been able to write 50 songs in 90 days. In fact there are 17 skirmish songs and 2013 is the first time I ever tried a skirmish. A skirmish is a song written and recorded from a title prompt and completed in an hour. 48, 49 and 50 are actually my favorite songs.

  1.  We’re Still Sitting in this Room
  2. Lavender Lemonade
  3. Delirious Dream
  4. Rough Trade
  5. we are who we are when we are
  6. I am Sorry (you’ve got to try)
  7. Mercury in Retrograde
  8. level the playing field Skirmish (1st ever in fact)
  9. Rubber Cement
  10. i am incomplete superskirmish
  11. Next Time superskirmish
  12. Incredible  Love superskirmish
  13. Is This the End? superskirmish
  14. I Tried
  15. No Fragile Thing Skirmish
  16. just a simple case piece
  17. You Never know Skirmish
  18. Self-Involved
  19. Focal Point
  20.  Fermat’s Conjecture
  21. Homesick Assassin
  22. decimation
  23. stoned thunder
  24. My Fake Apology superskirmish
  25. Sense   superskirmish
  26. Wild Berry   superskirmish
  27. yeah   superskirmish
  28. mountain superskirmish
  29. Mend Yourself superskirmish
  30. Just Because
  31. I didn’t mean to be your cautionary tale
  32. Otis Bean (don’t touch his paws)
  33. We can’t work it out
  34. Russian Rye (Seedless Rye) featuring Slade!
  35. I knew the Day I Met You (one day I would hate you!)
  36. sick of this my first keyboard song
  37. feedback loop second keyboard song
  38. when the engine caught on fire
  39. best of the worst
  40. I didn’t mean to crash the tractor
  41. Hustle & Score
  42. Perfect Day (it’s clearly over)
  43. Tresure Chest (skirmish)
  44. Down the Drain (skirmish)
  45. Jupiter (skirmish)
  46. The Meter (skirmish)
  47. put it right (skirmish)
  48. I would rather be present
  49. I don’t know what to say
  50. no accident (if this is what you choose)


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