2013 fawm.  more 2 part lo-fi micro songs and my first fawm collaboration. I also took part in two challenges. “fire snake wood rabbit” & “It’s on the desk” were challenge songs.  favorite songs? “they fell in love at the methadone clinic” and the ever fuzzy “strawman”

  1. Cold Extraction
  2. Please Don’t Block My Driveway
  3. you put the hate in whatever
  4. broken glass on a sunday afternoon
  5. I hate opera and I feel like a jerk
  6. like eating salad with a spoon
  7. Fire Snake Wood rabbit
  8. The Water Heater is Leaking
  9. incorrect installation adjustment or misuse
  10. They Fell in Love at the Methadone Clinic
  11. Entitled (give our love to the family!)
  12. We’re putting in a Latch collaboration
  13. Strawman
  14. It’s on the desk

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