My first tables

Yin Yang Table

Yin Yang table

Meet table # 1. I made this in 2011. I had never made a table before. I had made plenty of shelves and other assorted things but I really wanted to try to make a table.   I cut the yin and yang symbol out of redheart and I think maple? The pieces were only 1/4″ thick and the frame was 3/4″ so I had to shim to make the surface  even and flat. I used a plywood rectangle with a circle cut out to create an inlay effect.  This picture shows it’s first incarnation. In this picture you see the legs as I originally envisioned them.  I cut  to  two cedar posts as legs and used lag screws to fasten them to the table top. I wanted the table to have a  industrial and organic look  and a minimalist appearance. The legs looked cool but  weren’t very stable and  did not provide a lot of support. To correct the stability issues  I had to attach rectangle feet onto the base. I attached the feet with 1″ in diameter closet bars. and glue.  #1 sold in December of 2011.

table 3 first scrapwood mosaic

table 3 first scrap wood mosaic

Table number 3 was made in 2012. I had a lot of leftover cut pieces. I hate wasting wood but keeping so much cull can be overwhelming and messy. I needed a project to  reduce the size of the scrap pile. I took a piece of plywood and dry fit a frame. I then arranged some pieces in a mosaic pattern.  Then I glues and naiedl the pieces to the base piece of plywood.  I built a frame to mount the table and used dowels to attach scrap poplar as legs. I finished it off with a jacobean stain and a few coats of poly. That table sold in the fall of 2012