Painting trim and making shapes

scrap wood table

Paint it Black

I painted the trim on scrap table 10 today. It looks nice. I still have to fill the screw holes with dowels, do a second coat of paint on the legs and apron, and apply a couple of coats of lacquer. I kept the table inside the house for a little while to test the stability, I used it as a a place to charge the cell phones and store the mail. It worked fine for those purposes. I can’t wait until it’s done. I have been making lots of little scrap IMG_20140625_185331wood shapes and I have half the amount I need to start constructing¬†another table top. My mom brought me a trunk load of scrap pieces from a retired wood worker in Dutchess County NY and so I have lots of new types of wood with interesting grain structure and color. The gentleman made cuttingboards and boxes so there are lots of pieces of maple, walnut and cherry. I do a lot of work with pine but I love working with walnut and maple.