Pick up Truck

46d03670-ba5c-451a-aa40-8fbaa1fc97deI have had a lot of fun making the wood planes and I decided I wanted to try to make some other wooden toys. I did a google image search for wooden toy  and millions of things popped up.  New toys, vintage toys. Toys from soda cans. boats made from milk cartons that run on candle power. In fact I lost a good half hour of work time this morning watching you tube videos about making duct tape boats,  a battery from copper coins, and speakers from lead and an empty matchbook.After sorting through the pictures I decided  I would try to make a pick up truck.  All of the trucks on line shared some basic features in terms of shape, but each was unique too. Some were very primitive, others were very modern. Some were basic, a truck silhouette with wheels, others were incredibly detailed. I opted for the primitive/basic route. I used a thick piece of wood that was once a picnic table. I drew my truck outline and cut it on the scroll saw. It would be a one piece cab and bed combo with a slight angle to the hood. I sanded it with 80 grit sand paper and then I drilled into the cab with a 5/8 paddle bit to create a simple window. The next step was to cut the axle. I  am using small dowels for the axle.  After cutting the axle and determining the axle diameter it’s time to drill the axle holes. It’s best to use a guide for this step if you don’t have a drill press.3fe83ed3-4c2b-4180-b897-33f3a807467d I screwed this step up on the prototype. I was not paying attention and put the axle.holes too high on the body. So high that  in order to get the wheels to hit the ground I would have to make them over three inches in diameter. That’s what the prototype is for I guess. Once the axles are in place cut out your wheels and attach them.  My truck is going to be a flat bed truck, So I have a piece of 1/4″ oak that I will glue to the truck for the bed.  You can customize  the truck in lots of ways, you can add a bumper if you want, or headlights. After playing around with ideas  I started a second truck, this time using walnut. I have not gotten very far yet, but I hope to have it finished before Christmas. Wish me luck!