Progress on the Jelly cabinet

jellyI have made a ton of progress on the cabinet. the side panels and trim are painted, the top is painted and the door pieces are cut. I decided to go with two doors and some sort of barn door latch in the middle. I wanted one door but it would be heavy and sag. I also wanted to have  smaller clearance to open the door, 27″ of clearance is a lot of clearance. Two 14″ panels  will make the cabinet will be much more versatile. The door is being made from oak flooring that I ripped out of camelot village a few years ago when we did a big remodel.  I am using some of the old dresser drawer jellysidesupports to provide horizontal stability.  I spilled a bunch of the red stain on the workshop floor last night so I have to buy more in order to paint the inside of the cabinet. and to paint the doors. i want the doors to be painted black and red like the case but I am thinking of white washing the inside. It will make it bright. Or I might paint it black. Or red. I guess I haven’t decided yet. jellydoor2