IMG_20150913_172447-2 (2)I make  a lot of tables but I make other things too. I make shelves and cabinets but I also do small projects, like puzzles. I mostly stick to simple 4&5 piece puzzles. My most popular puzzle is a labrador puzzle. I also make a pumpkin puzzle. Even simple puzzles can be tricky sometimes. I recently took a scrap piece of 1/2 inch walnut and made a lab puzzle. It looked great but they head was not staying when the puzzle was assembled. I was frustrated but I did not want to abandon it so I set it aside and went to work on a solution. I took the assembled puzzle and traced it on to a piece of pine. I carefully cut out the dog shape. Once I had the piece cut I used as a frame to fit the IMG_20150920_184112puzzle. The head was still a bit wobbly so I soaked the support piece in water so it would expand a bit. It worked. I also cut out two pumpkin puzzles. I had planned on painting the pumpkins orange but I liked the look of the wood so I did a thin coat of maple stain.