Shutter Table with Cedar Plank Top

shutterflorncI have been playing musical table bases for the past few days. The base  intended for the toboggan doesn’t look right so I made a new one. The toboggan base  needs to be narrow because I only have  so many sled slats. The base originally envisioned for the toboggan table is now being used with the scrap wood end table.  I had played with the idea of using the shutter pedestal as the base for the scrap wood puzzle table, but it didn’t work for me. I had an 8′ section of tongue and shutterfloorgroove cedar flooring so I cut them, and glued them up. and then sanded it into,  a simple plank top. I am really trying to keep the area under the table accessible for storage. In order to make that happen   I took off the shutter and planed the top and bottom so it swings freely. It is pretty humid today in Vermont so if it swings okay now I am confident it will work well no matter the moisture level.  The shutters stay in position with wood cleats and metal brackets., and so does the top.  I have  to attach the knob to the door and  do a coat of lacquer or poly and then this table is ready for sale.   This shutter table is available for sale in my etsy store.