Turning Shutters into a Table Base


shutter as table base

shutter set

one pair of shutters before they became a table base

These shutters are small. I have 4 sets of them.  I connected two sets together to create a long panel. That panel folds to make a square  pedestal. I cut a piece of plywood to match the shape of the shutter structure and then glued 3 cleats to the plywood. The cleats will connect the shutters to the base. I will screw in some feet to raise the platform off the ground a bit.  think it would be cool to be able to open the pedestal for storage under the table. For that to work I will have to plane a small amount of material from the shutter base to allow for ease of opening and closing.  I am thinking this base will hold my most recently constructed scrap wood table top.  I am attaching edge molding to that clamping the tablenow and then  I will have a lot of sanding to do since I went a little crazy with the adhesive this time. The shutters are 16″ tall , the feet will be about 2″ and the tabletop is about 1 1/2″ thick so the table should stand about 19″.